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"If you work in an office, you've probably had to deal with the group greeting-card situation: First, you have to secretly pass around the thing, then you have two minutes to think of something brilliant to scrawl inside a tiny space.

A new website, GroupCard, is trying to make the whole process a little more creative. Log on, and you can create a virtual card for any occasion. "Signatures" can be made in different fonts and include personalized images. There's also no page limit, so you can say as much or as little as you want."

"Many folks might have experienced this at one time or another in high school or later on in college. That awkward time you had someone with whom you weren't really friends sign your yearbook. The result was usually the wonderfully vague "have a great summer!" written as speedily as possible. You might have even written the phrase yourself.

Later in life, this comes back to haunt us all, when co-workers we might not know very well get a group card for leaving, getting married, having children, etc. A virtual equivalent to such a card called GroupCard manages to emulate the real thing with character and ease. Despite my general dislike of virtual greeting cards, GroupCard makes the entire experience rather enjoyable."

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5/8/08 Press Release: Last Minute Mother's Day Greetings from the Whole Family
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