Please be aware that we do not allow creating new cards after January, 2018

We're sorry to hear you're having problems, but you've come to the right place. Below you'll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

Is this just another eCard website?
Nope. GroupCard is a unique online service that helps you create a card and circulate it to other people to sign (around the office, classmates, friends, family). Everyone adds a special message to the card and it gets e-delivered to a lucky recipient. You can even add a gift card that the entire group can add money to. (so much cooler than just another eCard website).

Through the millions of group greetings we've served, we've learned a ton about collaboration, group gifting, important life events, and navigating the social web (especially Facebook and Twitter). Now with GroupCard Apps, we're using that expertise to help large and small businesses expand their gift card offerings onto the social web. If your business sells gift cards, we can help you launch a gift card program on steroids.

GroupCard for Your Business
What can GroupCard do for my business?
With little to no technical resource needs on your part, we can help you launch collaborative gifting on your Facebook fan page and your web site. In fact, it only takes a minute to launch our Gift Card tab on your fan page. And we can offer you a simple widget that you can drop onto your web site. We give you the tools you need to promote your gift card program and track your success. Learn more about our social gift service for merchants.

How do I start a GroupCard?
It's easy! Simply choose a cover design. Then add your personal message and invite other people to contribute.

How do I add a message?
You should see a big blue button above the card that says "Sign this Card". Click that and fill out the form. If I start a GroupCard, can anyone sign it?
Yep, you can invite anyone to contribute. But remember, anyone who sees an invite email or has access to the unique link will be able to add a message.

How can I tell who has already been invited to sign a groupcard?
There's a list to the left of the card that shows who has been invited and who has signed a card. This list goes away after the card has been delivered. We do not send duplicate invite emails if you accidentally invite someone that your friends already invited. So, you should definitely go ahead and invite folks ;-). We hate spamming our friends, and implemented this feature to make sure nobody accidentally did.

I started a GroupCard, why isn't anybody else contributing to it?
The more people you invite, the better the card will be. Low participation may be due to spam filters. If you think people might not be getting your invitations, we recommend emailing them directly from your account, and include the invitation link that was sent to you in your confirmation email (and a little nagging might help).

Can I add a gift card to my GroupCard?
Absolutely! We've partnered with to make your GroupCard even more special. Include a gift card that everyone can add money to.

The recipient never got my card. Can I resend it?
Yes, you can resend cards by following these steps. While on the card page, make sure you are logged in as the creator of the card. Now click the "edit card settings" link to the left of the card cover under "Actions". Review the recipient information on the card and make any necessary corrections (email addresses and/or facebook friends). Finally, check the box that says "Resend this card now" and save your changes. The card will be re-delivered to the recipients.

Can I edit my message after it's added to the page?
You sure can. Click the "Edit Messages" link to the left of the card cover. Then edit or delete your message and image.

Can I edit other people's messages?
If you're the creator of the card, you have ultimate edit rights. Click the "Edit Messages" link to the left of the cover and modify or delete all of the messages on the card.

Can I edit the card details after it's been created?
If you're the creator of the card, click the "Edit Card Details" link to the left of the card cover. Then you can modify the recipient name, recipient email, creator name, delivery date, and invite message.

How do I cancel a card?
If you're the creator of the card, you can cancel it by clicking the "Edit Card Setting" link to the left of the cover. The cancel link is at the bottom of the window.

I'm not quite sure how this works.
It's easier than you think. You start a card, choose to include a gift card, and then everyone who signs the card has the option to contribute to one group gift. Read the information here for more:

Can I change the gift card goal?
Absolutely! Just go to the card page and click "edit card details" - you can uncheck the gift card box there.

I didn't want a gift card on this GroupCard can I remove it?
Yes. You probably accidentally added the gift card when you created your card. If you want to remove it, go to the card page and click "edit card details" you can uncheck the gift card box there.

Will contributors see what each other gave?
Nope. It's the thought that counts, and not the size that matters. Everyone's gift contribution will be kept anonymous.

I am lucky and got a gift... now what?
To redeem and use a GroupCard Gift, follow the below, somewhat legal-eze instructions:
1. Go the GroupCard greeting web page indicated in the email notice that you received.
2. Click on any of the "redeem gift" links, and enter the required information.
3. GroupCard will then process your gift, and within about a week we’ll email you the gift certificate. It takes us a week to assure that all payments have been cleared.

I tried to redeem my gift, but ran into problems.
We're here to help. Contact us!

How do I unsubscribe from GroupCard?
If you would like to stop receiveing email from GroupCard just fill out our unsubscribe form.

I've started a card for a friend on Facebook, but I don't have their email address to complete the form. Is there any other way of sending it?
Here's a bit of a work-around... Set the recipient email address as your own, and then hand deliver the link (url) to the card by sending it via Facebook message, instant message, or even SMS! And you can always go back and add/change the recipient email address once you find it.

Why am I getting emails from GroupCard?
Because people like you. Your friends are probably inviting you to sign a card for someone. Just visit the link in the email to login and sign the card.

If I invite people to sign a card, what will GroupCard do with the email addresses I provide?
Rest assured, we only use the email addresses you provide for the purposes of signing your card. We send one invitation email, plus a reminder to sign the card later. That's it. Furthermore, all recipients can unsubscribe from any and all GroupCard emails.

I don't want to receive emails from GroupCard. What do I do?
You can unsubscribe from any and all GroupCard emails by clicking the settings link at the bottom of any email.

What is a Premium Subscription?
Sending a GroupCard is normally $4.99 per card. But for some users that may send several cards over the course of the year, we have introduced our Premium Subscription plan. Premium subscriptions last 1 year with autorenewal, with a risk free one-month trial. Cancel any time in that month trial and you won't be charged. Or continue your subscription beyond the one-month trial to be upgraded to an annual subscription to continue sending unlimited GroupCards for an additional twelve months. Annual subscriptions are billed at $32 and will be charged to the credit card you used when you signed up.

How do I start a Premium Subscription?
Currently, you will be offered to try a risk free one-month trial when creating a new card. The link to the free trial offer will appear in an orange bar across the top of the card. Clicking the link allows you to complete the subscription process and begin your trial.

Where do I cancel a Premium Subscription? What about a Premium Subscription free trial?
If you are logged in, you are able to manage your Premium Subscription on this page. The free one-month trial can be canceled any time before the month is up.

How do I print a GroupCard?
From the card page there is a link to Sponsor the printing of the card. If the card has been sponsored then everyone will receive a easy to print version in their email shortly after the card gets sent out. If the card has already been sent out everyone will receive it within minutes of it being sponsored. Click here to order a printed card as a poster-card, as a flip book, or just as a file that you can print yourself.

I'm still having troubles (and I use Internet Explorer 6).
Did you know that IE6 is over 10 years old? We strongly suggest you upgrade to ANY other browser type. Trust us, it'll be better for you. If you really don't want to upgrade, here's a solution: In the main menu of your browser, click "Tools" and select "Internet Options." Then click the "Security" tab and click the "Custom Level" button. In the "Miscellaneous" collection of options about 2/3 the way down, there's a setting called "Navigate sub-frames across different domains." Change that to "Enable."

I forgot my password. What do I do?
Click the Sign In/Join link at the top of the page. Then select "Reset your password" and enter your email address. We'll send you an email with a link you can use to reset your password.

I'm an international user and the message fonts don't work in my language.
Send us an email and we'll be glad to see what we can do.

The card is not working... the buttons don't do anything!
Refresh your browser by holding the control key and hitting F5 (shift key on a Mac). Usually this solves the issue. Are you using Internet Explorer 6? We suggest you upgrade to IE7 or try the website in Firefox.